NC 27/Red Hill Church Road head on collision. A Benson FD First Responder assisted the injured persons and PC Jack of Trades directed traffic to avoid any more collisions until other emergency personnel arrived on scene.

Emergency services from Coats-Grove and Benson were on scene including two State Troopers. We did not get statements from the people in the accident. No one was reported majorly injured and we’re not sure if someone was taken to the hospital.

According to the store associate at The Bass Country Store it was a two car accident with a 4 door jeep and a blue Ford sedan. Also a Benson FD First Responder was on scene after the accident and made sure everyone got the attention they needed. The first responder contacted personnel immediately and response time was around 15 minutes. The fastest ever in this area.

Thanks to PC Jack of Trades and their truck further accidents were prevented as traffic was directed. However we do believe a caution traffic light should be added to this intersection to help prevent further accidents in the future.