(EXPJCO) Four Oaks, NC: A green Ford Ranger veered off of US 301 due to heavy rain 3:30PM Saturday May 9, 2015.

Our PCJOT ERV UNIT was on scene to make sure no other vehicle accidents occur directing traffic. The person involved in the accident suffered no injuries. Ambulance and Fire was not dispatched to this accident due to the nature of no one being injured after a call was placed to 911.

Dispatch asked the person to stay on scene until a North Carolina State Trooper arrived on the scene to investigate the accident.

After 30 minutes the State Trooper arrived on scene.North Carolina State Trooper and other bystanders approached the accident exceeding conditional speeds for the weather at around 45 – 50 MPH from both directions. During the State troopers arrival the Trooper failed to publicize its concern by activating its emergency lighting system. As the Trooper was slowing down it did not activate its emergency lighting system until it was right in front of the accident. Since the accident was on the opposite side of the road NC State Trooper made a u-turn almost causing a head-on collision for both sides of traffic causing drivers to slam on breaks.

The Ford Ranger was pulled out by an innocent bystander.  Minor damage to left front quarter panel and bumper. Further damage was caused to the vehicle’s exhaust system as the involved person was trying to remove himself from the ditch.

As of around 4:30 PM the person involved has left the scene as our volunteer PCJOT ERV UNIT escorted him until he reached Benson where he was headed to make sure he was not left stranded. Damage to engine compartment could not be checked due to hood being dented in upon impact.