We’ve just been informed as of 7:00 PM today , August 31, that Johnston Ambulance Service based out of Goldsboro, NC is closing down. 

After more than 40 years in business JAS ‘Johnston Ambulance Service’ is going out of business. JAS is a privatized ambulatory service that’s transports patients. 

We are unaware of the reasoning behind this, but hundreds of employees will be without a job at the end of today. 
According to some of the patients that have been being transported by JAS have no way of getting to their appointments now. Some customers were notified late last night and early this morning about the closure. 

Update  10:20 AM: We called dispatch to confirm the closure and it is happening today at 7:00 PM. According to the woman we spoke to over the phone Johnston balance Service lost it’s financial backing. 

Update 1:14 PM: According to JAS representatives the company could no longer continue due to financial issues with bills not being paid by insurance providers. 


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