We’ve been working on this for quite sometime now regarding a council member for The Town of Smithfield. 

There is just too much information to put in one story so we’re going to make this a short series story as we continue to research and voice the public opinions. 

Regarding a post the Marlon Lee posted publicly on Facebook 5/22/2016 shortly after his “Black Lives Matter Protest” we have some input. Below is his post from Facebook:

WAKE UP PEOPLE– WAKE UP!!!  Just a few weeks ago- I was so called being thrown under the bus for standing up for something that’s not being done right–  TYPICAL THIS TOWN– DO SO MUCH WRONG & TRY AND JUSTIFY IT–  THIS TIME CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE IS A PLAN TO NOW DEMOLISH THE EVA ENNIS POOL IN EAST SMITHHFIELD- where MAJORITY OF THE TOWN”S POOR AND UNDERPRIVILEGED KIDS LIVE……. I WANT EVERYONE TO BE AWARE WHO IS ON THE BOARD– BC THEY ARE READY TO VOTE TO DEMOLISH IT– “same ones that came over to East Smithfield and did all this talk that they would support it opening back up…….  Please Please make sure you QUESTION THEM!!!   ITS ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY– Can you believe this department is still spending money on a park that is considered private–  I before I got on the council was told  to do some “fundraising” to help maintain Smith Collins Park and the Pool–  WHY CANT THEY FUNDRAISE TO MAINTAIN THIS PARK!!!    DO YOU THINK THIS DEPT HAS LOOKED INTO GRANTS AND OTHER FUNDS TO HELP FIX THE POOL BACK UP– NO!!!!!!!   BUT THEY ARE STEADY SEEKING GRANTS TO BUY LAND- TO BUILD MORE BASEBALL FIELDS!!!!  WAKE UP MY PEOPLE– WAKE UP!!!   Watch how you invite and welcome people who DONT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND………..   WANT A SUBSTATION HERE -BUT NOTHING FOR THE “POOR KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS TO DO”………   It’s something  We are DISREPECTED and told about the CROWN JEWEL- ( the other facility)    WAKE UP – WAKE UP!!!    AS A MATTER OF FACT– FEEL FREE TO LOOK UP THEIR NUMBERS AND EMAILS TO SEE WHAT – EXCUSE/JUSTIFICATION THEY CAN COME UP WITH NOW!!  HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

After doing some research about Councilman Marlon Lee’s post on Facebook about Ennis Park, we have found that the information is not entirely correct.

According to the Town of Smithfield budget there is no mention of demolishing the Ennis Park pool or the process of finding or getting grants to “refurbish” the pool.

As said in the budget Marlon Lee requested, as a town council member, to fill in the pool and build a recreation center for the neighborhood and make it a police substation. It has not been approved but is in the town’s budget for that to happen if it gets approved. The pool has been closed down for many years – and regards to budget/revenue just was not there to self-sustain itself. 

Soon after Marlon Lee and the people of the district he represents said they don’t want a Police Substation – yet he seconded the motion to approve a rec center and police substation in place of the pool. Councilman Marlon Lee has long lobbied for something to change even before taking office as a Councilman in Smithfield, NC. The councilman is using race and poverty at the forefront of his agenda to hopefully appear as a savior for the community in that district.

What is Marlon Lee trying to do by contradicting his actions and words? Does the town really want a representative that’s contradicting his own statements and public views for himself when it’s most beneficial? 

Let us know your opinions and views about Town Councilman Lee in the comments…