As of 10:27 AM We received reports of a fire at Zach’s Grill off of Market Street in Smithfield, NC. 

10:47 AM We found out that Smithfield and Selma Fire Departments were dispatched to the scene. Selma Fire Department has left the scene and one remaining Smithfield Fire truck is still on scene. PiedmontGas is on scene as well. 

From the looks of it the fire was contained and didn’t breach outside of the building. Due to safety reasons we are not entering the property to gather more information at this time. 

10:57 AM We got a closer look and it seems to have been a fire from the grill either it be from the gas or grease. We are not 100% sure on that yet at this time. 

11:08 AM We have confirmed that it was a grease fire from the grill. No one was injured.