About 1:00 we got a report from DOT that exits 95 and 90 on Interstate north and south bound are closed off due to a major fire. 

At 2:15pm we were notified that Smithfield Fire Department was communicating with Police to see if they were working on evacuation for the are 
Expect delays up to 2 hours in Smithfield due to the accident as traffic is being rerouted. 

A tractor trailer containing a load of chemicals is on fire after colliding with another vehicle and the area is being evacuated up to 1/2  mile at both intersections.

All businesses within about a 1 mile radius is being evacuated from exit 95 in Smithfield. 

The Town of Smithfield, State Troopers, Tow Trucks, Hazmat Cleaning crews, Johnston County Sheriff’s, Johnston County EMS, Wake County EMS, and Smithfield Fire & Rescue, Pinelevel, Selma among other units have been dispatched. 

At 4:00pm the evacuation at a gas been expanded to 2 miles. Town Hall of Smithfield has been evacuated. 

At 5:00pm we got word the area has been expanded to a 3 mile radius of Interstate 95 in Smithfield. 

*The evacuation area has been expanded to a 5 mile radius. 

If you need anymore information you can call Johnston County Emergency Services at (919)-989-5400 and they’ll be able to tell you when you’re allowed to come back in the evacuation area. 

We are working on obtaining more information.