Today 10/31/16 around 2pm the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama exploded injuring 7 or more people. 

The disruption occurred when a track hoe struck the pipeline, ignited fuel and caused the explosion. At that time it was one person died and five were injured. 

Just before 9pm the Sheriff’s Department said the situation was contained as of 7:30pm. 
The fire is from the same Colonial Pipeline that leaked in September that caused gas shortages in North Carolina and many other states. 

The Governor of Alabama says it appear to be an accident, and they’re allowing it to burn. 

The pipeline that caught on fire is about 1 mile west of the leak that happened in September the resulted in over 300,000 gallons of fuel leaking. 

According to the pipeline crews there is no leak and is not related to the issue that happened in September. 

There is no indication that the explosion is going to affect gas supplies at this time according to Colonial Officials. They said until the issue is able to be repaired the current supplies should suffice. 

Sheetz spokesman said he is not sure if the explosion will affect their gas supply because it’s too early to tell. 

Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina officials are monitoring the issue.