The Chicken Barn has been around since 1979 and has been operated by Denise and her late husband, Tommy Hill, since the beginning. Denise has always served fresh ingredients and the best chicken around. The Chicken Barn recipe has not changed one bit over the years and the chicken is still good as ever.

There has been this satire post going around that The Chicken Barn has been selling “fried crows”, but that is entirely false. *post below


Chicken Barn Admits to Cooking Crows

A quote from a former employee; “I’ve worked at The Chicken Barn and know from personal experience we always use chicken. We have never used crows, and don’t plan on it. Also I happen to be related to Denise as well – it’s a family business.” –  Blake P.

Whoever made this false allegation should come forward to admit wrong doing and to apologize for the post attempting to defame The Chicken Barn.